Some say life should be all encompassing. Every fiber of your being should be flooded with emotion. Love, hate; a burning passion, or cold indifference. You assume if you’re neither, then there must be something wrong. Are you really alive? You feel lukewarm. But that is a reality, for most at least. Days aren’t identifiable […]

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playlist x february

So… I make monthly playlists. It’s a thing. I know it’s lame, but I love it. Music has this amazing ability to make you feel things, and to me that’s all I ask for. Alongside art, poetry, books… it helps us all stay a little sane. Anyway, I know it’s a little early for february, […]

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cognitive dissonance x rambling

I wrote this, at 3 am the day it was due, for my philosophy seminar. Irrationality and Cognitive Dissonance Tension, regardless the kind, tends to be unfavorable. Whether it were to exist between two nations, two people, or even within oneself; tension rarely sparks a sense of rationality or peace. That being said, there is […]

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I understand that this is actually quite ironic isn’t it? My first post, essentially being the birth of something new, being focused on the morbid topic of futility. More specifically the futility of existence… something I find, not to my enjoyment, to be on my mind quite often. I also understand that this is a part of […]

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